Lightbulb Watercolour

I saw a similar image to this on Pinterest and really liked the idea, so I made my own galaxy in a lightbulb for a friend 🙂

Lightbulb, Brussels

Autumn Watercolour

As 2019 starts to wrap up, so do my travels around the world. In October I visited Poland, and I was so excited to experience a ‘real’ autumn with so many colourful leaves! It was so beautiful: red, orange, yellow covered the ground. Huge piles of leaves everywhere, so much fun to kick my legs through them and make them dance!


Succulents in Watercolour

With every painting I see some improvement, which is very rewarding! I’m learning how to make watercolours appear with more depth using light and shadow – though with a limited colour palette in my travel painting kit it’s a bit of a challenge!

Here’s some succulents I painted for a friend in England. I love painting plants 🙂

Succulents, London