Flowers and Ferns

I love painting flowers and ferns, their shapes and colours are just so appealing. These paintings aren’t perfect, but I like them anyway.

Nature in Watercolour

I’m always inspired by nature. The beautiful colours and feelings it evokes. I’m never more relaxed and happy than when I’m at the beach or surrounded by greenery.

Autumn Watercolour

As 2019 starts to wrap up, so do my travels around the world. In October I visited Poland, and I was so excited to experience a ‘real’ autumn with so many colourful leaves! It was so beautiful: red, orange, yellow covered the ground. Huge piles of leaves everywhere, so much fun to kick my legs through them and make them dance!


Succulents in Watercolour

With every painting I see some improvement, which is very rewarding! I’m learning how to make watercolours appear with more depth using light and shadow – though with a limited colour palette in my travel painting kit it’s a bit of a challenge!

Here’s some succulents I painted for a friend in England. I love painting plants 🙂

Succulents, London