Sketches from SE Asia

With all the hectic times we’re having, being stuck at home at least means I can finally go through my sketch books and upload some pics for you.

Here are some of my adventures in South East Asia during 2019: angry rooster in Railay Beach Thailand, a river goddess in Kampot Cambodia, naughty stray dogs in Siem Reap, and the troublesome long island ice tea!

Hope you’re all keeping well 🙂

Croatia Watercolours

I’ve been visiting my wonderful extended family in Croatia, and to thank each of them I painted some small scenes from our time on the islands. I’ve never been great at landscapes, especially buildings, but I like how these turned out!


Sutivan, Brač


Lučica, Lastovo


Croatian sunset

I walked down the street…

Whilst generally my cartoons are (supposed to be) hilarious, life is not always sunshine and candy. So for a bit of a change, here is quite a dark piece of prose I wrote in 2010 whilst living/travelling in NYC…


I walked down the street, only to realize I’d never been there before. So I cried.

I wished I was home instead, and remembered the troubles encompassed. So I cried.

I received a gift, and felt so guilty for the care involved in it’s choosing, that I cried.

I thought first of my friends, and then of how they were gone, and I cried.

I felt frustration and anger for my weakness and tears. So I cried.


And I cried

and I cried

and I cried, until there was nothing left.


Nothing left but tears and pain.


Confusion and nowhere to go.

Don’t recognize this person, don’t want any part of this reality.

Hatred for the hate welling inside, an uncontrollable rage with no obvious base. To escape the escape, the fool that I am.

What a waste.


© Michelle De Aizpurua and MissyCartoons 2013