El Retiro Park, Madrid

WOW it’s been a long time since posting! I thought I would have heaps of time to draw/paint while travelling, but that hasn’t exactly happened (and the few I have done, I haven’t had a chance to post!).

So I finally sat down in El Retiro Park, Madrid, and starting a painting. Still a work in progress, many more plants needed here! But I’m learning a lot about watercolours each time I experiment. The plants are dry paper, wet paint. The size of the brush helped make the shapes of the leaves. The water is wet paper, wet paint. And mixed in some grey Copic markers and black fineliners as well. So glad my siblings gave me a travel art kit before I left overseas!



Trying watercolours

Feeling a bit inspired today, I thought I would try my hand at proper watercolour painting from some tubes I had lying around. Needless to say I have a lot to learn, but its fun to experiment 🙂

Of course I was too impatient to wait for my watercolour paper to arrive in the mail, so that will definitely make a difference next time!

I think I might request a watercolour pan set for Christmas this year. I found painting a flat colour was easy enough, but the challenge was trying to mix colours – this will take some practice! I love the watery look of these paints though. It seems if you wet all the paper with clean water first, you get an even more watery look. So once that darn paper arrives I should hopefully be able to achieve this – regular drawing paper was WAY too thin and started to warp :/

Lucky for all the wonderful blogs, videos and tutorials out there I think I’ll be able to make something nice relatively quickly. Feel free to share your watercolour tips in the comments!

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