Easy inspiration

I’m currently visiting Birmingham in England. It’s an inspiring place, with street art and free galleries everywhere! I went to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and the first thing I saw was this (giant) painting. It was awe-inspiring and I couldn’t help but create a simple version for myself to keep (in my new sketchbook for 2020! Sadly the paper is a bit thin and got crumpled 😦 )

Something about that huge landscape, towering snowy mountains and tiny boat on the water made me just feel, ‘wow’.

Mountains, Birmingham1Mountains, Birmingham2

Croatia Watercolours

I’ve been visiting my wonderful extended family in Croatia, and to thank each of them I painted some small scenes from our time on the islands. I’ve never been great at landscapes, especially buildings, but I like how these turned out!


Sutivan, Brač


Lučica, Lastovo


Croatian sunset