Spain Painting

I attempted a very quick impression of a beautiful painting of Spain I saw on the internet. It didn’t quite turn out, but that’s what art is all about! Experimenting, being inspired by other artists, trying things out, learning and having fun 🙂 Also it definitely didn’t help that I didn’t have a palette knife haha

Spain study

Original artwork by Leonid Afremov


Easy inspiration

I’m currently visiting Birmingham in England. It’s an inspiring place, with street art and free galleries everywhere! I went to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and the first thing I saw was this (giant) painting. It was awe-inspiring and I couldn’t help but create a simple version for myself to keep (in my new sketchbook for 2020! Sadly the paper is a bit thin and got crumpled 😦 )

Something about that huge landscape, towering snowy mountains and tiny boat on the water made me just feel, ‘wow’.

Mountains, Birmingham1Mountains, Birmingham2