Sketches from the UK

A few sketches that I drew while travelling through the UK (one of which is a flashback to my time in Morocco, which was so amazing!)

I hope one day soon we’ll all be back out adventuring 🙂

Sketches from SE Asia

With all the hectic times we’re having, being stuck at home at least means I can finally go through my sketch books and upload some pics for you.

Here are some of my adventures in South East Asia during 2019: angry rooster in Railay Beach Thailand, a river goddess in Kampot Cambodia, naughty stray dogs in Siem Reap, and the troublesome long island ice tea!

Hope you’re all keeping well 🙂

Easy inspiration

I’m currently visiting Birmingham in England. It’s an inspiring place, with street art and free galleries everywhere! I went to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and the first thing I saw was this (giant) painting. It was awe-inspiring and I couldn’t help but create a simple version for myself to keep (in my new sketchbook for 2020! Sadly the paper is a bit thin and got crumpled 😦 )

Something about that huge landscape, towering snowy mountains and tiny boat on the water made me just feel, ‘wow’.

Mountains, Birmingham1Mountains, Birmingham2