T-shirt Quilt!!

So I had heaps of old t-shirts from festivals, concerts and travelling that were super sentimental, but old, worn or didn’t fit anymore 😦

I couldn’t bear to throw them out, yet they were taking up so much space…

Solution – the t-shirt quilt!! This was quite a big project and took I would estimate about 15hours all up. The most complicated part was the border. Now I’ve done it once it’ll be so much easier to do again (cause obviously I have more than 20 squares of these babies!!)

You don’t need much sewing experience just a bit of patience and creativity, give it a go! 😀

For those interested the basic procedure is:

  • Get a stack of tees. Buy some iron on interfacing to make them stiff. Decide on square size (I did about 30cm by 30cm) and number of squares. Make a template to trace the squares. Leave extra space for hems.
  • Cut out all squares and interfacing and iron together. Decide on positioning of squares.
  • Sew all the columns (face to face), iron hems, then sew those columns all together to make the quilt.
  • Now sew fleece onto the back around the edges and hand sew in the centre (unless you have a long arm sewing machine) this is called ‘tying the quilt’.
  • Do a border if you like, it looks nicer. DONE!



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